Workers Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you have the right to medical treatment and a portion of your pay, while you are being treated

Attorney fee in these cases is determined by the Workers' Compensation Commission. I will send you to the medical providers who I believe will best treat the injuries you have suffered.

If it turns out that you have suffered a permanent injury, you will be evaluated by a doctor I send you to. In addition, you will be evaluated by a doctor that the insurance company of your employer sends you to. Rely on me to represent you before the Commission to get you properly compensated.

If you can't do your previous work, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation - training in a new field for a new job.

The single most recurring problems in Workers' Compensation are the employer’s insurance company cutting you off from treatment or pay, untimely. I will be available to you, to immediately respond to those arbitrary actions.

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