If You Have Been in an Auto Accident, It's Critical to Hire an Attorney as Soon as Practicable

Pictures should be taken of the vehicles involved in the accident and the scene. The name of the witnesses, addresses, and phone numbers should be taken as well. In addition, you should be interviewed as soon as possible while the facts are clear in your mind. Depending on your injury complaints, I will send you to the medical care providers who will be of the best service to you.

You need to be exact in your description of your injuries to get the most effective treatment. If you exaggerate or minimize your problems, it will be difficult for your medical providers to give you the most effective treatment. Further, it may harm your legal case. You may be directed to be off work, and your car may need repair services. You must follow the prescribed treatment. You may also need a rental to replace your car.

I Don't Get Paid Unless We Settle or Win Your Case

As far as I know, all auto accident attorneys take auto accident cases on a contingency fee agreement. After your needs have been taken care of, I will try to settle your case.

Sometimes, because of the insurance company, or the nature of your accident, settlement is impossible. I have the experience to tell you whether the insurance company's offer is fair or not. I am a trial attorney who goes to court regularly and, if the offer is not fair, I will take your matter to court and fight until you get a fair auto accident claim.

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